The Media Center software manages the digital entertainment in our systems.  The media center
gallery gives you a quick idea of the look and feel of the capabilities that our systems offer.

Media Center Let’s You…

Watch and burn DVD movies,
download or rent the latest movies

Watch, record and burn DVD copies of
your favorite movies and TV shows

Play, download, buy, record and store
your favorite digital music

Enjoy family pictures, edit them with
your remote and share them on CD or

Store and listen to all of your favorite
Internet radio stations from the comfort
of your couch.

Surf the Internet, shop, instant
message or check your email on your
big screen TV

Catch up on the latest news, sports &
entertainment in Online Spotlight

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  • watch & pause live tv
  • record your favorite shows and watch them when you want and skip thecommercials
  • build a top movie catalog and store online or on durable DVDs
  • rent or buy movies online from multiple vendors
  • manage & play all of your video content
  • store & play purchased DVDs
  • value-added content from many of your favorite networks
  • build your music catalog complete with album art and artist information
  • manage playlists for listening and sharing with your portable player
  • subscribe to music online or purchase and download
  • rip to CD/DVD, including your digital music channels or video channels
  • visualize your music with cool skins
  • Internet radio offers paid or free access to thousands of stations
  • FM radio at the click of a button
  • advanced digital recording of series, shows & movies
  • find programming by almost any search variable
  • schedule out for next 14 days or even schedule something to record
    automatically when it finally is broadcast
  • record & burn to DVD including premium channels
  • movie search and record by type, actor, director, actress and more
  • share your music, pictures, movies and TV on durable CD or DVD
  • create slideshows with music and photos
  • edit photos on your television display using the remote control
  • upload or download your digital music and digital photos
  • get creative with producing your own entertainment and surprise your friends
  • it’s all stored digitally so you can download it to all types of portable devices so
    take it with you – movies, TV, music, photos, videos
  • portable media center even offers you the same look and feel of your home
    system on a portable player that will fit in your pocket  
  • great solution for commuters and people who travel