Media Made Easy develops video presentations to help you celebrate that special occasion.  We deliver fun, engaging digital presentationsof
your pictures and home movies on a DVD.  They make a wonderful gift and are suitable for parties, weddings, presentations or any occasion.
Your loved ones and friends will be grateful that you took the time to let them know how much you mean to them through pictures and music.
You provide us with the pictures (digital or hard copy) and copies of your home movies (in VHS format) and we will produce the DVD.  With
value added features such as narration, captions and historical pictures and video you can have a professional quality presentation to enjoy for
years to come.
Graduation Video Sample Click Here
Birthday Video Sample Click Here
Music Selection & Narration
Have a favorite song or album you would like to use as the soundtrack to your DVD?  You can supply us with your copy of the music or we can
purchase the music for you ($1 per song title).  Any titles purchased for you will be placed on a CD for your future use.
We can incorporate your voice overs (mp3, wav or wma formats accepted) or we can add narration for you from any script you develop.
Advanced Editing Features Add Impact
Advanced edit features can help tell your story or carry a theme forward.  Feel free to explore your ideas with us and let us get creative.
Title slides and credits help to organize                        Identify who, where and when                                        Add historical perspective
Need photo restoration help?
Let us help you digitize and restore those treasured photographs that may have been damaged or are aging badly.  Custom quotes are available.
Before and after restoration of 1950’s polaroid photograph.  Photo suffered from severe creases and fine spider lines damage.
Video Services Price Guide
Digital Pictures
$1.00 per digital photo
Provided by customer on CD or DVD in the
following formats: jpeg, bitmap, giff or tiff.
Return shipping charges not included.
Customer is responsible for shipment to
Media Made Easy
Hard Copy Pictures*
$3.00 per hard copy photo
Return shipping charges not included.
Customer is responsible for shipment to
Media Made Easy.
Standard Package Includes:
Included with $50 minimum order
Includes opening and closing credits, 5 title
slides, 5 special effects.  Includes CD of
digitized photographs. Standard slide
duration is 6 seconds.
Additional Services (Non Package):
Additional title page, caption or effects
$1.00 per photo
VHS Tape Video Conversion
$25.00 for first two (2) hours of tape
$10.00 per additional hour
VHS or VHS-C format.  Other formats will
require a custom quote.  Return shipping
charges not included.  Customer is
responsible for shipment to Media Made
Narration/Voice overs
$15.00 for first minute and $1.00 per minute
for each additional minute.
Historical stills and video content
$75.00 for search and production
Results vary based upon what may be
Additional DVD copies of slideshows
$12.00 per DVD copy
Includes color cover and slim jewel case
* Media Made Easy will not be held responsible for loss or damage of customers photographs and videotapes
while in transit.  We recommend making videotape backups prior to shipment.  Hard copy photographs should be
carefully packaged (sealed box within sealed box is a good idea) to avoid possible damage.  Please mark your
shipment as Fragile and procure adequate insurance.
Video Services Ordering

Payments are accepted by check, money order or credit card.  Checks must clear our bank before we will ship the DVD to your address.

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